Hey! I'm a Web Developer with over 10 years experience in building great software and leading talented teams to meet the demands of modern web development.

I strive to find the balance between writing perfect code and meeting the ever challenging needs of business. I am a strong advocate of good, clean code that can be well tested. I also have a passion for getting deep into a product and getting to know the needs of the user.

Want to have a chat? Reach out over email, I'd love to hear from you.

Leading - Leading teams and projects - adapting the SCRUM and Agile methodologies to deliver.
Building - PHP, SASS, JS, Vue, Angular, Laravel, Mysql, Docker, MongoDB, Lua.
Product - A love for getting the product right, with experience across Online News, Fintech, Retail and HR.
Humi.ca, Canada - Senior Developer, Online HR platform.
Distilled Media, Ireland - Contract Developer, Partner Hub & Data Analysis tools.
Figured Ltd, New Zealand - Lead Developer, Agri Finance tools.
TheJournal.ie, Ireland - Head of Engineering, Ireland's leader in online news.
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