John Needham


Head of Engineering - Journal Media Ltd, Dublin, Ireland (2015 - 2017) is Ireland's leader in online news, after 4 years in the company as a Developer and then Lead I had the pleasure of taking over as Head of Engineering in 2015. From working with internal partners to bring projects to fruition, to hiring and mentoring developers, I oversaw all aspects of our department to meet the commercial and editorial needs of the business.

Lead Developer - Figured Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand (2018)

After leaving Ireland to travel, I joined Figured as Senior Developer and became a Pod Lead shortly after. Figured provides market leading budgeting, forecasting and farm data tracking tools to the global Agri sector. My role involved working on a Laravel codebase to extend and build features for both customers and partner companies. I also had direct responsibility for my team as well as taking on day to day management duties for other developers within Figured.

Remote Contracting - Canada (2019)

Over 2019 I have been exploring and experiencing Canada, from snowboarding to long train journeys over the prairies. During this time, I have been doing remote contract work for &, Ireland's largest property and classifieds websites. I was able to offer fast and flexible development schedules to compliment the in-house development team. My primary focus was on market analysis tools and content sites.

Education - Dublin City University, Ireland (2006 - 2010)

BSc in Computer Applications